For the longest time if you didn’t live in the South the idea of having fried pickles as an appetizer was crazy, but the times are changing and fried pickles have now gone nationwide. Let’s explore the craze and look at various applications of fried pickles outside of appetizers alone.

Whether we’re looking at fried pickle chips or spears, the combination may sound foreign but, in reality, it’s a classic blend of flavors – acidic, salty, sweet – with recognizable textures that your diners will love. Combine fried pickles with a dipping sauce like ranch and you’ll have people coming back for more, which is why they’re being added to restaurant menus throughout the country.

And aside from enjoying fried pickles as an appetizer, there are tons of ways to use them to spruce up dishes by adding another layer of flavor and texture. Think about a pulled pork slider or burger with BBQ sauce that would typically use fried onion strings, whereas fried pickles add an entirely new dimension of flavor. We recently invested in a new appetizer manufacturing plant to significantly boost production capabilities, and as demand for fried pickles continues to rise we are positioned to be the leading supplier of fried pickles as well as other breaded/fried appetizers. If your restaurant is looking to expand its menu, contact one of our brokers in your area today.