As we all know, running any business comes with its challenges.  Restaurants in particular can be difficult to operate due to the large number of moving pieces, ranging from managing food suppliers, maintaining excellent customer service, ensuring the last plate out the window was as good as the first and the list goes on. There is no doubt, when growing a restaurant chain your suppliers are an absolutely critical part of your success.

Operating one or a small number of restaurants with no plans to scale allows owners to put the right processes in place to make sure operations run smoothly. However restaurant chains looking to grow, often scale quickly (sometimes too quickly) and inherently run into roadblocks, especially if their existing suppliers are not able to keep up with demand.

For example, imagine John Doe’s seafood has been supplying your restaurant for 10+ years and now you’re opening new locations left and right but unfortunately – regardless of how great their products are – they simply are unable to fill your orders and you’re forced to make a switch. All restaurants experience growing pains and it’s important to watch for these growth spurts and  plan for the future.

As a company that supplies a wide variety of frozen food products to restaurants throughout the country, ranging from neighborhood family places to large chains, we understand the roadblocks you face and are here to support you. Our recent investment in building a brand new, state of the art appetizer production facility to significantly boost production capabilities is only one part of the support.