As a trusted leader in the foodservice industry, we wanted to share some tips for choosing the best frozen food manufacturer.

As with most things in life, building relationships is key. When it comes to manufacturing food products it’s not about simply finding a manufacturer, but instead building a relationship with a company that knows your products and consumers well to become partners.  It’s this type of collaboration that ensures the success of products and keeps consumers coming back for more.

When searching for a manufacturer, it’s also critical to fully understand their capabilities to make sure they can keep up with your production needs. With the frozen appetizer market booming, Ajinomoto Foods North America saw an opportunity to greatly expand our production capabilities by building a new coated appetizer manufacturing plant in Joplin, Missouri which opened in early 2018, and there are plans to expand production even further in 2019. In the end, the final product is all that matters, so it’s important to work with manufacturers on recipe development then collaboratively do cuttings and continue to make tweaks until you’re 100% happy with the results – and they can be duplicated at scale.