As being a leader in the frozen foods space for many years we watch food trends closely, and it has been both exciting and inspiring to see how fusion dishes have taken off with the help of social media. In this post we’re going to touch on some of the most popular fusion foods on social media to give restaurant operators insights that will help guide their menus in the future. 

The fusion trend really started to take off when classic Asian flavors were combined with Mexican dishes by a popular food truck in Los Angeles. They eventually grew into a restaurant empire, and were successful by taking Korean favorites like shorts ribs and kimchi and turning them into something totally new: short rib tacos, kimchi quesadillas, and more. It was this unique mash-up that made them blowup on social media.

We have also seen a spike in Asian-American fusion foods including the famous ramen burger that went massively viral to more recently sushi pizza and bagels stealing the show. And when you take a step back to think about it, the trends make sense – how can you go wrong by combining two popular foods enjoyed by the masses?

At Ajinomoto Foods North America, we continuously focus on innovation powered by real-world insights, and look forward to creating even more fusion dishes for restaurants in the future.