Launching a new restaurant is always exciting and the tasks range from building out the space, planning the menu, testing recipes and all of the other work needed to get things off the ground. But at the core, people will visit your restaurant to eat your food – and preparation of dishes will ultimately determine your success.

When it comes to planning the menu, it’s important to not only think about what you think people will want to eat, but to also be open-minded and look outside of the box.

Some questions to ask are: What are some of the other popular restaurants in the area and which dishes do people talk about most on Yelp? What are the local food trends on social media?

Additionally, don’t be afraid to fail because a restaurant’s menu is never perfect.  In fact, it should evolve over time based on industry trends, sales figures, direct feedback from diners, and many other data points. Even the largest restaurant chains in the world are continuously testing new items and adapting their menus based on feedback.

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