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When you save on time and cost, it’s an experience to savor. Ajinomoto Foods’ trusted brands offer a wide range of frozen, ethnic appetizers, bites and handheld items to meet the needs of every operation.

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A new collection of high-quality, craveable, and carefully crafted gastropub-inspired appetizers. Revel Eats provides buzzworthy items to enhance any menu.

Innovative Appetizers
& Craveable Bites

Fred’s Frozen Foods was founded in 1960 in Noblesville, Ind. The company originally manufactured a patented line of pork loin fritters that was sold to restaurants and drive-ins in the Midwest. With an increase in popularity, Fred’s started producing other popular appetizers including breaded mushrooms, zucchini circles and cauliflower.

In 1982, Fred’s introduced the FIRST breaded mozzarella cheese sticks – now a standard menu item in many establishments. Fred’s for Starters® continue to create many household and restaurant favorites.

Handhelds and Appetizers
Celebrating Mexican & Latin Flavors

The POSADA brand was introduced in 1980 to serve a new premium, upscale market niche that redefined the frozen Mexican foodservice industry, shifting the product focus from cost to quality. Soon after, the company’s geographical coverage was expanded nationally from its previous focus on the Southwestern United States, and POSADA grew quickly into one of the most premium frozen Mexican foods products in the U.S.

Taste the Essence of
Authentic Asian Appetizers

Ajinomoto Foods North America Foodservice makes it easy to menu the flavors of the world with premium frozen appetizers, handhelds, entrees and sides. With trusted industry brands that save time and labor, our products meet the needs of every operation.

Appetizers, Handhelds & Sides
Crafted with Asian Heritage

Jean Lee’s family came to the United States in 1963, settling in Los Angeles. They opened a Chinese Deli, and it soon became one of the busiest restaurants in Chinatown. The restaurant was the first Chinese “fast food” concept, and they followed old family recipes, filling the kitchen with the scent of barbecue roasted pork, fresh seafood cooked in woks and stir-fried vegetables.

Jean Lee expanded the manufacturing part of the business to include a USDA facility, producing an extensive line of authentic Dim Sum and more than a dozen different varieties of Egg Rolls. Golden Tiger is another example of a fine family tradition translating into products that are now being sold nationally. Golden Tiger is one of the largest suppliers of Asian Dim Sum in as a result of many years of hard work by the Lee family.

Mexican Food Made Easy

The Butcher Boy Food Company embarked on its journey as a humble, family-owned meat grinding establishment nestled in the heart of Riverside, California back in 1950. A transformative milestone arrived in 1964 when the Butcher Boy brand unveiled its now-iconic frozen burritos, a moment that ushered in a remarkable era of growth. Swiftly, the brand ascended to its esteemed position as a steadfast cornerstone in the realm of frozen Mexican foods.

Legendary Southwest Chili

The legendary taste of the Original Chili Bowl has been satisfying hearty appetites for more than 50 years. The Original Chili Bowl Restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, began cooking chili back in 1947. Their original recipe started with fresh ground beef, blended with tantalizing herbs and spices, and was kettle-cooked over a slow fire.

Still made the same way, the Original Chili Bowl is then flash-frozen to seal in all the taste and flavor.

Famous for its Homemade,
Family Chili Recipe

Whitey’s Premium Chili was founded by Harry “Whitey” Bigadza in a small bar in 1939. Bigadza opened his own tavern in Richfield, Ohio where Whitey’s Chili continues to spread famously across the state. Although Whitey’s Premium Chili is manufactured now, it is made with the original recipe, hoping to take you back to fond memories of much simpler times.

Whitey’s Premium Chili strives to always provide a high quality, consistent and gourmet product, just the way Whitey would have wanted!

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As one of the top frozen foods manufacturers, Ajinomoto Foods North America offers the added benefits of quick prep, including many ready-to-eat options; long shelf life; and a variety of options for every daypart.