Ajinomoto Foods North America makes it easier to add global flavors to your menu by offering high-quality frozen appetizers, handhelds, entrées, and sides.  Our commitment to innovation, driven by industry insights and high-quality standards, ensures that each product we create delivers exceptional flavor and consistency, allowing you to provide your customers with a dining experience that will make them come back for more!


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Posada® Cruncheros® Birria Beef Rolled Taco

This ready-to-eat rolled taco offers a twist on the classic Jalisco, Mexico dish, providing bold, flavorful spices that consumers crave while saving operators valuable time in the kitchen.

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Golden Tiger Apple Pie Potsticker

Revolutionize your dessert menu with our one-of-a-kind Apple Pie Potstickers filled with diced apples seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, all encased in a durable wrapper that fries up to a crispy perfection.

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Golden Tiger Southwest Style Chicken Potsticker

East meets West in our Southwest Chicken Potstickers that are packed with top-quality fresh vegetables and seasoned chicken that operators can effortlessly heat and serve.

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Golden Tiger Kimchi Chicken Potsticker

Jazz up your menu with our Kimchi Chicken Potstickers that are packed with authentic flavor and are ready to heat and devour.

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Revel Eats® Horchata Bite

This bite size bliss with a Latin twist are crafted from cream cheese and traditional horchata flavors, delivering a bite-sized delight your customers won’t be able to resist.

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Posada® Cruncheros® Spinach Artichoke Rolled Taco

Experience a unique take on a classic dish with this portable, snackable rolled taco. Your customers will enjoy the chip and dip all in one.

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Golden Tiger® Spicy Vegetable Spring Roll

These spring rolls deliver a spicy flavor profile using Chile flakes and cayenne pepper and are fully cooked for ease of prep while still delivering on flavor.

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Posada® Latin Rice

Save time and labor with this prepared rice that boasts a blend of fired roasted vegetables, Latin spices, and poblano chile that will delight your customers and enhance the flavor, texture, and visual appeal of your menu offerings.


Foodservice Focus

At Ajinomoto Foods, we strive to understand the needs of every customer and your operational requirements. All of our products are created with the foodservice operator in mind to create delicious menu items and also add efficiency back-of-house.

Data Driven Approach

Data driven product innovation involves using data analytics and insights to create new and improved food offerings. It begins with collecting data on operator and consumer preferences, purchase drivers, and usage and is followed by analysis of this data. This approach helps to identify trends, popular menu items, and seasonal preferences, enabling AFNA to assist foodservice establishments in the development of innovative menu items that resonate with your target audience.

Real World Experience

With years of industry experience, we draw upon our combined knowledge to ensure you are working with representatives that know how to provide value and support your success. With internal experts across multiple foodservice disciplines, from culinary inspiration, menu expertise, customer intelligence, and product solutions, you can count on our expertise as you build your business.

Start Innovating Your Menu