Elevate c-store hot foods with Posada and Ajinomoto Foodservice

Elevate c-store hot foods with Posada and Ajinomoto Foodservice

Convenience store operators face significant challenges when it comes to selling hot foods, including maintaining consistent quality, keeping pace with evolving food trends, and managing labor costs efficiently. Frozen food products from Ajinomoto Foodservice are specifically designed to address these issues, offering reliable quality, on-trend options, and simplified preparation processes that reduce the need for extensive labor.


Consumers always want great-tasting food at a good value, but the most important factor to them is consistency in quality. They expect the same level of consistency from convenience store foods as they do from restaurants. That’s why prepared foods like those from Ajinomoto Foodservice are ideal for c-stores, offering pre-portioned, easy-to-prepare, lower-labor solutions.

Our products are flash frozen, helping preserve flavor, nutritional value, texture, color, and overall appearance. We apply rigorous quality controls to ensure high quality standards throughout our supply chain.

We help multi-unit c-store operators standardize quality across operations with:

  • A traceable system with detailed records
  • Consistent specifications for all products
  • Strict sanitation protocols and hygiene practices
  • Regular testing and monitoring of our manufacturing environment
  • Compliance with all food safety standards such as temperature control

Our products offer superior hold times as well, so they maintain consistent quality for longer, even while under a heat lamp or on a roller grill.


A growing trend in foodservice, including c-stores, is hearty, filling foods with a good amount of protein. Posada Mini Tacos, Birria Beef Rolled Tacos, and Chicken & Hatch Chile Rolled Tacos are filled with chicken or beef, providing an on-the-go snack that your customers will get hooked on.


Keeping up with trending flavors and providing a variety of new food offerings helps create regular, loyal customers while fighting back against inflation. Products from Ajinomoto Foodservice help operators stay on top of changing consumer trends by offering a broad range of products and cuisine types to allow c-stores to introduce authentic, bold flavors, appealing to consumers seeking flavorful culinary experiences.

Labor Costs

C-store operators are looking for food items that are easy to heat and keep warm for their customers. Ajinomoto Foodservice is known for our high-quality products that are designed for convenience, reducing prep time and offering long hold times. In addition, our products are already portioned, which helps manage food cost and reduce waste.

Solutions from Posada

Check out some of our trend-forward, easy-to-prep items that your customers will love!

  • Mini Tacos: Posada’s Mini Tacos, available in Chicken, Jalapeño Chicken, Korean Style BBQ Beef, and Red Jalapeño Chicken varieties, are ready to heat and eat. Offering authentic flavor and texture, these mini tacos are the perfect on-the-go snack.
  • Birria Beef Rolled Tacos: The NEW Cruncheros Birria Beef Rolled Tacos from Posada feature on-trend seasoned birria beef plus garlic, onion, and other spices with a crispy bite, offering a new take on the classic Mexican birria dish. Simply heat and keep warm on your roller grill!
  • Chicken & Hatch Chile Rolled Tacos: Posada’s Cruncheros Chicken & Hatch Chile Rolled Tacos are filled with seasoned chicken, real Hatch chiles, cheese sauce, and jalapeño peppers. The crispy exterior makes them an excellent addition to your roller grill.

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