Explore Global Flavors with New Menu Items

Explore Global Flavors with New Menu Items

In today’s culinary landscape, the demand for diverse global flavors is on the rise*. Diners are eager to explore global cuisines and experience the excitement of new taste sensations.

To meet this growing trend, frozen food manufacturers are crafting easy-to-prep appetizers, handhelds, entrées, and sides, offering a convenient and reliable way for operators to incorporate international flavors into their menus.

Premade appetizers and treats save time and labor in the kitchen while offering the incredible flavors and textures that customers have come to expect. Here are a few new products for operators to consider:

Horchata Bite—An indulgent and irresistible Latin-inspired bite, crafted from cream cheese and traditional horchata flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and rice flour. All these elements are expertly combined and enveloped in a crispy oat breading that provides visual appeal, delivering bite-size bliss with a Latin twist. Horchata has grown 21% on menus over the past four years,** demonstrating that customers are being lured by the aroma and sweetness of this delicate but delicious flavor. Horchata Bites deliver these elements and more, drawing people in with the allure of bite-size sweet treats.

Spinach Artichoke Rolled Taco—A unique take on a classic appetizer, this rolled taco features a freshly made tortilla loaded with cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, spinach, artichoke, and green chiles. It’s enveloped in a seasoned coating that delivers a satisfying, pita chip-like crunch, while offering superior hold times for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. With rolled tacos and taquitos increasing on menus by 30% over just the past year**, it’s an easy decision to add these items to menus.

Spicy Vegetable Spring RollWith spicy flavors on 72.0% of menus and continuing to grow**, popular Asian items like spring rolls with a bit of added heat are bound to please consumers in any operation. These spicy vegetable spring rolls feature a crisp, delicate, crepe-like wrapper filled with fresh veggies and a spicy flavor profile thanks to the addition of chili flakes and cayenne pepper. They also offer a long hold time for better taste and texture when served.

Latin Rice—The art of cooking rice with the perfect amount of fluffiness and durability is made simple with premade Latin rice seasoned with tomato paste, chicken bouillon, cumin, chili powder, and parsley blended with fire-roasted red bell pepper, roasted poblano peppers, and roasted corn. Latin rice has grown on menus more than 3% year over year.*

These innovative products make it easier than ever for operators to incorporate global flavors into their menus, offering a delightful dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

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