Premium Apps with Buzzworthy Appeal

Premium Apps with Buzzworthy Appeal

Coming up with new, on-trend menu items is a challenge that chefs all over the country are facing in 2023. The solution is to utilize prepared, frozen appetizers that are quick and easy to prep while offering menu versatility.

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), consumers are craving foods that stimulate their taste buds with sophisticated levels of hot, spicy, sweet, and savory. The NRA adds that elevated bar snacks are satisfying these consumers’ cravings.*

Appetizers from Revel Eats rise to the challenge on every level, offering premium bites ideal for almost any daypart with flavors like spicy habanero and jalapeño, and savory cheese blends. Quick to prep and easy to upscale for higher check averages, these buzzworthy appetizers give operators what they need and consumers what they crave.

They also feature superior hold times for takeout and delivery! According to Datassential, pickup and delivery across foodservice and retail are here to stay, with adoption levels well above where they were prior to the pandemic.**


Up 146% on menus over the past four years**, loaded tots are an incredibly popular appetizer. Queso Loaded Tots from Revel Eats take that concept to a new level, featuring a blend of queso fresco and other savory cheeses, jalapeño peppers, and bacon in a crispy tortilla chip coating. Pair with chipotle ranch, jalapeño cheddar sauce, or apple cheddar chutney for a simply delicious treat.


Queso Loaded Confit Stack: Queso Loaded Tots are served with shredded pork confit, pickled red cabbage, pico de gallo, and fried pork cracklings, and finished with a chili red wine reduction.


With chips and guacamole on 70% of ethnic menus**, it’s an easy decision for operators to add this popular flavor combo to their offerings. Guacamole Bites from Revel Eats put chips and guacamole all in one bite, featuring smashed avocados, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, and lime juice in a breaded, crispy tortilla chip coating.


Layered Crispy Guacamole Southwest Ahi Tuna Tartare: Chopped ahi tuna is mixed with cilantro, garlic, lime, scallions, and chopped chipotle peppers and topped with crispy Guacamole Bites, then drizzled with citrus mojo crema and fried shallots.

Easy to prep and serve for dine-in, takeout, or delivery, premium appetizers from Revel Eats are crispy, craveable, and trend-forward, offering irresistible flavor that will redefine menus.

The next generation of appetizers has arrived. Visit to learn more!

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